Message from the Dean

Dr. J.J. Konyango , Ph.D


Welcome to the School with a vision for turning the wheels of sustainable development livelihoods through improved agricultural production, agribusiness and environmental management. We desire to demonstrate that education is like a seed. It is not just planted, allowed to grow and be harvested but requires nourishment coupled with hard work so as to take roots. Our endeavor is to attain this through experiential learning blended with practicals, field attachments, community outreach, and research and innovative strategies. The school is the hub of learning by doing, research in and about agriculture, agribusiness and environmental sustainability. The students in the school get a first-rate education that genuinely prepares them for careers and readies them to compete in the global economy. Our desire is to lay a foundation for quality and demand driven academic programs. We achieve this through MoUs and collaborations with a wide category of stakeholders;

i. Machakos Veterinary and Efficacy Training Centre
ii. Machakos Agricultural Training Centre
iii. Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization –Katumani

Through these partnerships the School shares ideas, disseminates research findings and involves students in practical aspects in the relevant courses. The regular interaction with these institutions enables the School to develop talents and competencies needed by the society to engage in agricultural production, agribusiness and environmental management. This is the uniqueness of the school programs.

Since the launch of the school in 2014, we have witnessed an insatiable demand for our programs. This makes us resolve to;

• Provide complete and dynamic academic programs in line with our vision.
• Aspire for excellence in admissions and recruitment.
• Modeling and supporting our clients in general agriculture, agribusiness and environmental sustainability.
• Meet the society’s need by providing information about agriculture, agribusiness and environmental concerns.
• Uphold and expand the standards of excellence in classroom instruction delivery, laboratory instruction, supervised field practices and outreach programs.

Courses on Offer